Friday, March 25, 2011

The Top Six "Must-Haves" For An Ultimate Home Game Room

Whether you already have a home game room or you're thinking of adding one to your home there are some "essential things" you'll need to make your game room "Ultimate". It's true you may not need every single one of these items or you may not have the time, space or money to add every single one. But if you do have the time, space and or money and want an "Ultimate" Home Game Room then check out the top 6 items (in order of importance) that you'll need for your game room to achieve ultimate "game room friendly" status.

#1 - Game Table

Since you're creating a home game room the number one must-have is the game table. Now which game table or tables you have is of course a personal choice. The two best game tables for home game rooms are billiard tables and shuffleboard tables. They're the best because of multi-player use, the skill of the game and the fun competition each one brings to your home.

If your game room is big enough it's always fun to have a combination of two different game tables. The best combo idea would be to have a billiard or shuffleboard table plus either an air hockey, foosball or ping-pong table. They say "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" and that is especially true for a home game room.

#2 - Three More Great Games

The second must-haves are more great games. Again this is a home game room and to be "Ultimate" you'll need at least three more great games. These are games that will compliment your table games and add even more variety. The types of games that fit into this category are: arcade games, indoor basketball games, bowling games, crane games, dart games, pinball machines, football games, golf games, pachinko/pachislo games and slot machines.

There are other games you could add but this is a good list to get you started on the right track to creating a fun family game room. These three additional great games are just enough to keep everyone happy. Any less and you could lose that ultimate status, any more and your home game room could become cluttered. A home game room that's cluttered with games will lose its uniqueness!

#3 - Jukebox

So now that you have the games and everyone is having a blast you'll want to add some music. The best way to add music is with a jukebox. Stereo systems are good also but they don't give you that "Ultimate" game room look and feel that a jukebox does.

Don't worry there is a large assortment of jukeboxes available. Personally I prefer a jukebox from the 1940s. The old songs from the 1920s-1940s are great for all ages and they're a nice change from the norm. There are some really catchy tunes from those years!

But if you're not an oldies fan then there are other jukeboxes, like the ones that play 45rpm records. If those are still too old for you then a CD jukebox will do the trick. Some hold a hundred CDs giving you the ability to add a large assortment of music that would be perfect for any occasion. Also the jukeboxes look vintage 1940-ish. Finally if you love technology there are digital jukeboxes. They don't look so much like a traditional jukebox but you can download music right to them using various methods like from a home computer.

# 4 - Game Room TV

The fourth item you'll need is a Game Room TV. It's great to have a jukebox and music but when the big game is on New Year's Day you'll want your Game Room TV. Whether it's a 13inch TV attached to your ceiling or wall or a large plasma TV doesn't matter. It's having the TV that bumps your game room up to the "Ultimate" level.

Now one of the best TVs to have in a home game room if you have the room is the projector TV with a movie screen. Having one of those is like having your own mini theatre in your home and they're great for watching sports. It's probably not a good idea to use one of these TVs for everyday use as the projector bulbs have a limited lifetime. You can however buy a replacement bulb but they can get expensive on some models. The bulbs usually last around 3000 hours and that is plenty for home game room use.

#5 - Refrigerator

The fifth must-have is the refrigerator. The reason being that if you're creating an ultimate game room then you're most likely planning on having parties with family and friends. A refrigerator that holds a couple cases of your favorite drink is perfect. You don't need something large and fancy.

The reason these are good is that you won't have everyone trouncing into your kitchen all day and night to get a drink. Also it helps keep the party in your game room not to mention your kitchen floors clean. On top of that they're great for storing extra food for everyday use if your main refrigerator if full.

#6 - Game Room Bathroom

The last must-have item on our list is a Game Room Bathroom. Like the refrigerator above it keeps the foot traffic to a minimum throughout the house if you have a bathroom in your game room. Plus adding that additional bathroom to your home is great if you have parties because someone always needs to "go" when your one bathroom is occupied.

Besides the added benefit during parties, adding another bathroom to a home usually increases a homes value. That is always a good thing and it's just another reason why a bathroom in the game room is the number six must-have item.

There are many more items that can be added to your home game room. For example neon signs, clocks, pictures, posters, pub lights and so on. But this is a list of must-haves to push your game room up to the ultimate level.

Of course not everyone has the room or the money to add a bathroom to the game room. Or has the space to add so many different games. That's ok because game rooms aren't about having the biggest and best things. They're about having fun with family and friends. Also creating the "Ultimate Game Room" isn't done overnight. It takes time and that is part of the fun in bringing your game room to life. Set a budget if you need to and take as much time as you like in adding your favorite game room items. In the meantime have fun using your game room with family and friends as much as possible. And never forget that "Families That Play Together, Stay Together".


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