Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Dead men tell no tales...until now, that is. For almost forty years the pirates have stuck to their script, but after appearing in E-Ticket attractions at four Disney Theme Parks around the world and starring in a blockbuster hit film, the wildest crew that ever sacked the Spanish Main is ready for their own unique brand of Hollywood tell all.

Few shows have had the "leg" that Pirates does, sea or otherwise. Only a small number of films and theatrical shows are as beloved and as relevant forty years after their initial release. A pirate of the Caribbean is the quintessential Disney themed show. It is a triumph for both the group and the process of Walt Disney Imagineering, seamlessly melding story telling and technology to immerse the audience in an elaborate virtual reality decades before either the concept or the term was in vogue. It is a lavish showcase for the art of Audio-Animatronics, bringing the starts of the show to three dimensional life in that reality as never before. It's "narrated" by one of the most memorable and hum worthy songs in Disney history.

One of the hallmarks of Disney storytelling has always been a starting attention to detail, and Pirates of the Caribbean is the premier example of that Imagineering design principle. The experience is sumptuous and simply too vast and complex to take in one voyage. The audience sees, hears, smells or feels something new every time they ride on the attraction and that keeps them coming back again and again.

Walt Disney Imagineering, both the practice and the practitioners, was born of the film industry, and Pirates of the Caribbean itself was inspired in part by such legendary Hollywood epics as Captain Blood and Disney's own Treasure Island. So it should come as no surprise that this timeless theme park adventure would prove just as worthy of cinematic adaptation as any classic novel, Broadway musical, TV show, or even comic book.


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