Sunday, June 5, 2011

Types of Petrol Scooters

With extremely high gas prices worldwide, more and more people are switching to a petrol scooter instead of driving a truck, car, or SUV. They are great to use while just being in town to get errands run, going to work if it's a short distance, and will put money back in a person's pocket on gas and insurance along with saving thousands of dollars buying a brand new car or truck.

It will run on fuel like gas or diesel, whereas a scooter that runs on electric has to be battery-charged to run. Two scooters that are very popular are the 50 and 125cc petrol scooter.

The 50cc scooter is being used everywhere in Asia and Europe. This helps to get out of massive traffic jams, saving money in extremely high fuel prices in Europe, and a person's age really is not as important driving one of these as driving anything else. A speed on these scooters will run no more than fifty miles per hour.

The UK loves to ride 125cc petrol scooters. It is helping save money insurance and petrol. These scooters go much faster than a 50cc. They can get up to fifty to seventy miles per hour depending on the weight of the person and even how tall they are.

There now are specific insurance companies geared towards mopeds or scooters. A person usually has to be at least sixteen years old to have a license to drive a moped on the highway. For a petrol scooter to be driven, a motorcycle license is issued and has to be insured and taxes paid on the scooter. This is why insurance companies are fast catching on that there is a huge need for this. The UK has companies already doing this for example.

When buying a petrol scooter, cheaper is not always the best option. There maybe no warranties or certain parts are not covered. Saving money in the beginning could be bad down the road. Brands like Yamaha and Honda have petrol scooters. These two companies have great warranties and a great choice to suit a person's needs. Check around the area, if the scooter broke is there a repair shop to fix it.

A person just needs to decide how fast they want their petrol scooter to be, body style, accessories, and of course what kind of transmission, brakes, and type of engine it comes with.

Petrol Scooters are one of the best-sellers of all Motorbikes and Scooters.


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