Friday, June 3, 2011

A Sugar Free Diet - Is It For You

By using a sugar free diet you will in the future begin to see improvements in your health. However like so many other people you may be wondering how this type of diet can be incorporated in your lifestyle. Certainly when it comes to making any changes to your diet you shouldn't make them all at the same time but include them gradually over time.

In fact if you are intending to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet all together then it is best to make the necessary changes over a one to two week period. If you may all the changes at the same time then the risk of you slipping back into your old habits will become a great deal easier.

So how can you eliminate or reduce the amount of sugar that your diet contains at present? Below we offer some tips that you may find useful and result in you having a sugar free diet in the future.

1. It is important that you look closely at what you are drinking on a daily basis as a lot of beverages you consume contains high levels of sugar in them; this even includes those healthy juices you enjoy. To ensure that you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet avoid any sodas, juices that have sugar added to them and the pre-packed coffees and teas as they come with sugar added to them.

2. Even when it comes to choosing healthy foods to eat read the labels as the nutritional information isn't always clearly stated. As well as looking at how many calories each food contains look at how large the services are and how many servings per pack you are provided with. Also make sure that you look closely to see how much sugar the meals contain. Even though the pack may say that they are low in fat or free of fat altogether many of these will contain high levels of sugar in them. The reason that these are packed with so much sugar is to help improve the flavour of the product that has been lost when the fat has been removed.

3. Finally when it comes to using a sugar free diet look carefully again at the labels on food as the producers of such products like to hide the sugar content. They do this by using other words that are actually describing sugar. The kinds of words used by food manufacturers today in place of sugar are dextrose, glucose, lactose, fructose, maltose and galacctose.

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